Workshop 2, Hazelburn Business Park, Campbeltown, PA28 6HA


About Us

We are passionate about our local area. Whether you’re here to enjoy a dram at one of our many whisky distilleries, explore the all-new Kintyre 66, or immerse yourself in our rich history, there’s no better way to do so than on our fun and environmentally friendly electric bikes.

Our Values


We place great value on running a sustainable enterprise. Our environmentally friendly E-Bikes are a great way to easily get around. We also offer standard mountain and hybrid bikes for hire.


Kintyre is a beautiful place with plenty to see and do. When you visit Kintyre and wish to hire a bike or E-Bike, you will be welcomed with open arms, and we’ll do everything we can to accommodate you and ensure you have as much fun as possible.


Maintaining our professionalism is important to us, and we will always be on hand to ensure our customers receive the highest levels of service. Our skilled technicians are able to repair most issues should there be a problem.

Community Focused

The local community is everything to us and we do all we can to promote and support others in the area. We employ people who face barriers to work, such as people who have disabilities. We also maintain strong links to local groups and we’re very active when it comes to community projects.

About Us

Our History

What originally began as the Kintyre Bike Reuse project in 2014 has now developed into Kintyre E-Bike Hire.

The reuse project was originally formed to help the Kintyre community and to save bikes from ending up in landfills.
The project sought to save bikes and offer them to people
at affordable prices.

Infrastructure was set up and the Bike Reuse and Repair service was born. This included purchasing a storage container to operate from, which was powered by solar panels. Bike stands, tools and equipment were all added to transform the recycled storage container into a fully fledged bike repair workshop.

Three bike technicians were trained to industry recognised standards, and we were able to increase participation in cycling and generate more enthusiasm for recycling.

The scheme gave more people access to bikes, and thus reduced the need for carbon-heavy transport methods,
while also promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Covid 19

New Opportunities

This new e-bike project takes things one step further, allowing
the people of Kintyre to use bicycles for everyday journeys with the added power of electricity. This will reduce the cars on the road, limit emissions, encourage a healthier lifestyle and teach people new skills.

E-Bikes are also becoming more and more popular with tourists
seeking to explore Scotland’s rugged terrain. Visitors to the Kintyre
area will benefit from the addition of e-bikes and have greater access
to everything Kintyre has to offer.

Our service includes the sale, hire and maintenance of bikes and e-bikes.
All servicing and maintenance is carried out by trained technicians
who are highly skilled at what they do.

Local News

Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme

The Cycle Repair Scheme is designed to encourage people to bring old bikes out of storage and get them road-ready. The scheme is also focused on making sure bikes with plenty of miles on them are still in road-worthy condition. Bike mechanics all over Scotland are helpinng to make this scheme a success.

The Scottish Government is committed to creating a healthier and safer future for everyone. With COVID-19, we saw an increase in cycling across the country which has helped maintain positive numbers while managing demand on public transport. Under the scheme, 30,000 repairs are available throughout Scotland, providing more people with access to greener travel options.

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